I think you might like this book – “Wendigo (Frozen Origin Demons Book 2)” by Crystal Dawn, Cynthia Lucas, Eagle Editing.

Start reading it for free: http://a.co/a1dg5J8



Wendigo is furious when an Origin doctor, Risa, is placed with them. It makes him even angrier that he wants her sexually. It’s Halloween the night she shows up and he’s sure this will be a terrible trick while his leader Lu thinks it will end up a marvelous treat. There’s no choice, the decision has been made and he will do what he must.
Risa hates that she was sent to the demons. Her sister has been held by Origin for years now and hope is fading fast, but what can she do? Anything she tells the gods or demons will result in her sister’s death and then they will hunt her down and silence her too. If only there was a way out of all of this. The worst thing is she’d attracted to Wendigo and the fact that he’s a demon and hates her doesn’t seem to matter.




Frozen Origins Demons  book 2 . The Band is Back together and it’s Wen time. Lu and his One is pregnant and the stronghold is under remolded. And part of that is working with Origins scientist but can she be trusted. Wen hopes so because she   is his mate. 

Another great book in this series. The Demons have there own place and being financed by the Demon band. A novel concept. We are introduced to Risa  who was hold hostage and forced to work for the bad guys. She’s smart and strong and Wen is a perfect mate. I like that each Demon is a little different then the other ones. Some are more Demon like than others. Looking forward to who is next in this series. Lisa


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