Gambino’s Doberge Cake

I mentioned on an earlier post about Doberge cake- My personal favorite – this 9 layer cake is an New Orleans favorite. So Let me introduce you to-

Joe Gambino’s Doberge Cake- 

History of the Cake- 

Beulah Levy Ledner, born into a Jewish family in St. Rose, Louisiana, opened a bakery in New Orleans in 1933. She became very successful after creating her “Doberge cake” adapted from the famous Hungarian/Austrian Dobos Cake, a cake made of nine génoise cake layers filled with buttercream and topped with a hard caramel glaze. The doberge cake is based on a recipe originating in Alsace-Lorraine. Ledner replaced the buttercream filling of the Dobos Cake with a custard filling and iced the cakes with buttercream and a thin layer of fondant.

In 1946 Joe Gambino bought the name, recipe and retail shop, including her recipe for doberge cake. If you were looking for the original, you found it.

Can be order from the Baker at-

About the Bakery

When I lived away from Louisiana my Mom on my birthday (November) -would have one shipped every year.( Thanks- Mom. )Lisa 

More Info from Wikipedia.

Still popular in the area, the cake is made of multiple thin layers of cake alternating with dessert pudding. Very often the cakes are made with half chocolate pudding and half lemon pudding. They are covered in a thin layer of butter cream and a fondant shell or, alternatively, a poured glaze on the outside. They are normally made with six or more layers, but many amateurs make versions with fewer. Traditional flavors are chocolate, lemon or caramel.(

Now if you love to Bake and have Time- Here’s the Recipe for the Cake – but I just pick it up from the Bakery! Enjoy Lisa 

Food .com for the Recipe

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