Tales of Two Rivers

Happy Sunday Morning! Sun is shining and the weather is great perfect weather for Parade watching-

Yesterday – I answered a comment  with – Across the River. And here in Louisiana that’s a common statement. But maybe not where you live. Louisiana is a state filled with many Rivers,lakes and bayous. The main River is  the Mississippi and the Atchafalaya River comes off of that River and Leads into Cajun Country ( The home of the Acadians that settled  Louisiana.) My little town sets on the banks of the Atchafalaya surrounded by a ring levee   for protection.  One of many towns that grew up around the Rivers. Making it rich in farming,lumber,oil and great hunting. Lisa

So when I say – Across the River I refer to both Rivers. 



A Little History Lesson. 







The Atchafalaya River /əæfəˈl.ə/[1] is a 137-mile-long (220 km)[2] distributary of the Mississippi River and Red River in south central Louisiana in the United States. It flows south, just west of the Mississippi River,[3] and is the fifth largest river in North America, by discharge.[4] The name “Atchafalaya” comes from Choctaw for “long river”, from hachcha, “river”, and falaya, “long”.[5]


My Home Town – Lisa