Sunday Morning Thoughts

In South Louisiana its doesn’t  feel like Spring today -48 degrees here -winter weather (LOL). – Yeah I spent many years in the MidWest and this is not considered cold there but in South Louisiana its freezing. It won’t  stay that way the day before it was in the 70 ‘s . The Joy of Spring in Louisiana -that’s why I am waiting to put my garden in. This year I am trying a small one in the from yard -so that it taken care off regularly and I can share the bounty.

Hope You had a great week – I had fun sharing my four legged family members with you. I am sure you will see them pop up more -there a big part of my life. But it was also a crazy week as a family my son (11th grader) had ACT prep in the city to go too. He took it last year and hoping to score better. He goes to a virtual on line school  (LAVCA/K12) our 5th year and he loves it. Hes a good student and needs little help from the parents other than keeping him on track. Education is very important to us and this was the correct choice for us.

Next -week will be busy. Lots of family obligations, but I want forget you guys. This week I am celebrating  St. Patrick Day-

We’re Going Green on the blog for St. Patrick Day ! Not only St.Patrick Day items but some great recyclable items and ideas! Thanks for coming by and visiting – Lisa 

St Patrick Day event


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