Barbie Girl Remembers

Good Morning !

Today I ‘am sharing a favorite Birthday remembrance of Mine-

My Mom made me my first Barbie Cake –  The classic from Wilton all decorated in Pink – she  had their yearbooks and magazine  and a fan of the company.

I was about 5 or 6 at the time and as lots of little girls of the time a Barbie Girl.

Do you have one in your family ?  Maybe a Disney Princess ?


download (13)


Wilton History  85 years of Decorating

Today you can still buy the cake pans – and if you google Barbie Cakes  You can find other pans ,directions and You Tube Video for my Favorite Doll.

I was a Barbie girl, No Longer living in a Barbie world – but it was great at the time.

How much cake batter to use?

Any 2 layer cake batter –even store bought . Please read directions on the mold you are using for best results. Lisa


2 Layer cake Recipe-


11/2 sticks soft margarine

1 c sugar

2 c shifted self raising flour

1 c milk

1 tsp vanilla

2 eggs

Cream butter and sugar. Add flour, milk and vanilla and mix. Add Eggs and mix about 2 minutes. Spray cake pan with (Bake Ease)  before filling pan.

This is from Wilton’s website.

Pour the cake batter into pan, and if necessary, spread the batter around with a spatula to fill all areas of the pan evenly. Be careful not to touch sides or bottom of pan. Bake cake on middle rack of 350 F oven for 70-85 minutes or until cake tests done according to recipe directions.

Check back for more Birthday party fun this week!

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