Wok or Not to Wok?

My hubby decided our kitchen -needed a Wok since hes cooking more. So off to the market we go –



The Question I asked -Why? Well it a versatile pan than can be used for many thing-and okay he wanted one- Win for me ! That meant he would cook more !


Tips for Wok Buying-

Decide on size -best between 12 to 14 inches. On most American stoves you need a flattened bottom of 4 to 5 inches than curving up. We have a gas stove so a ring for the stove.

Wok Materials –

Non-stick    ( Don’t waste your money)

Cast Iron – heavy – take a long time to heat up and cool off.

Carbon Steel – (what we bought) Inexpensive – Heats up fairly quick and evenly.

Handle choice is up to you and usage.

After you buy your wok it must be seasoned before using. My hubby did this outside on the grill with the wok setting in the coals.




The protective coating needs to be scrubbed off, than cleaned and heated up ,you will see the steel change colors ,add oil and though in some aromatic  or green onion for a quick cooking. From this point on your wok will just get better every time you use it.

Here a great website you can check out- how to pick out a wok and season it

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