Spring time- Vegetable Lasagna

Vegetable Lasagna –

This can be made with any kind of vegetables that your family enjoy (or sneak some new ones in)  I want tell.

– It can be made with meat or without ( your choice)

My son and Hubby has milk allergies -so this recipe use Tofu instead of traditional cheese used in Lasagna. Firm tofu is  crumbled and sprinkled with Italian herbs and good Olive oil to Replace Ricotta cheese  in this recipe.  Also I use lots of less cheese than typical recipes because of health reason.

I layered  Tomato sauce in the bottom -then  Noodles ( no bake / or boiled before using )

Mushrooms,carrots,zucchini ,onions and bell peppers -sauce

Noodles – Eggplant,squash,  spinach, and crumbled tofu -can crushed tomatoes

Top with Noodles sauce and lightly topped with mozzarella cheese

Baked an hour covered. Uncover and brown top.  Lisa

I’am on a quest for some more family friendly Tofu recipes. Leave me a link or drop me a suggestion- Thanks Lisa 






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