Crawfish Maque Choux

Maque choux /ˈmɑːkʃuː/ is a traditional dish of southern Louisiana. It is thought to be an amalgam of Creole and American Indian cultural influence, and the name is likely to derive from the French interpretation of the Native American name.


Maque  choux

8 ears of cleaned corn

½ c onions

¼ chopped bell pepper

½ c peeled and chopped tomato

1 tsp sugar

1/2c butter / oil

Salt/pepper to taste

Cut cornels off of corn .Add to hot skillet with rest of ingredients –cover and cook on medium heat for 45 minutes.


8  ears of corn cleaned

½ stick oleo

½ c onion /chopped

¼ bell pepper/ chopped

1 chopped tomato

1 tsp. sugar

¼ c milk

Salt& pepper to taste

Cut corn of and save juice. Melt oleo and add onion& bell pepper and cook till soft. Add rest of ingredients and Cook down about 30 minutes .Stir as needed. Season to Taste.

As you can tell the recipe can change from people to people  or region of Louisiana. Normally  served as a side dish  add seafood and it turns into a main dish. Lisa


Lisa Crawfish Maque  choux

2 bags of frozen corn

1 can of cream corn

1  can rotel tomato

½ c onion & bell pepper (chopped)

Cooking oil.

Crawfish (frozen) if not in season.


Large skillet add Small amount of cooking oil. Smother onions and bell pepper.Add frozen corn ,tomato and can corn. Cook about 15 minutes on Med ( stir) uncovered. If needed at a little flour to thicken . Turn to Low cook about 25 minutes. Add crawfish and cook about 15 minutes. Add season to taste- Serve over rice as a main dish.


As you see this can still be made even if fresh corn is not available. Enjoy  Lisa