No Sew Sock Bunnies

No Sew Sock Bunnies

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Hello Crafters,

As promised today I have a super cute craft project you can do with your kids. It’s time for a new ‘no-sew sock’ creation and what better thing to make this weekend than an Easter Bunny!


These bunnies are so cute and you can probably make them using products you have laying around the house right now.

Check out the video below or by clicking here if you are reading this post via email.

See below for a list of supplies for purchase in USA and UK.

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DIY Creme Eggs!

Cream Eggs-Sharing from -The flower that blooms site

The Flower That Blooms


Every year we bring a new Easter baking post to our blog. This year we decided to create something different to what we normally bake, DIY Creme Eggs! Creme Eggs are an Easter treat loved by many but they’re not around for long enough in our opinions. We definitely feel that they’re too nice to only be around for a few months of the year, so we set ourselves the challenge of creating our own using a recipe we found online, so once the real ones leave us we won’t miss them as much! We’ll hold our hands up, we found making these super challenging and they don’t look that great but hey, they taste good and that’s all that matters!

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Strawberry Peanut Butter Pie

Happy Saturday - From our Dessert Table from Good Friday ! As I promised on Thursday ! My Pie Recipe for the Holiday Celebration-     Strawberry Peanut Butter Pie 11/2 cup crushed pretzels ¼ cup sugar ½ cup melted butter This is for the pie crust. Mix together and press into Pie Pan. Chill [...]