Grilled Veggie Tacos with Salsa-Ranch Dressing

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More Time at the Table

Did you eat too many chocolate eggsover the weekend?  A bit more ham than you planned on? Have a refrigerator full of boiled eggs? (Scroll to bottom for a scrumptious idea on that.)

Here’s our youngest, Emily, with Mr. Handsome eyeing the eggs last weekend.

It might be time to become addicted to these little veggie tacos this week.  You will not believe how good they are and how quickly they go down.  Picture this:  a more-than-generous mound of sautéed or grilled vegetables with just a little, tiny bit of cheese —  all on an über-fiber, whole wheat tortilla.  Top all that goodness off with your favorite salsa mixed with ranch dressing, some fresh spinach leaves, a sprinkle of chopped green onion or cucumber, a quick squeeze of lime, and Bob’s your uncle, you’re eating. Very happily, I’ll add.

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