Garden Vegetables Recipes – Chow Chow

Chow Chow Recipe ( basic recipe) 5 lb green tomatoes chopped 3/4 lbs of cabbage 2 lbs onions 1 cup sugar,1 cup vinegar  And salt & Pepper to taste. Place in jars - Keep refrigerated. Makes a great gift.  Lisa   Chow-chow (Chowchow, Chow Chow) is a Nova Scotian and American pickled relish made from a [...]

Herb garden – not just for eating

My herb garden I grow in an old container I found.  It was perfect for this use since it was already damaged. Filled with soil and plants and let grow. It's placed at my front door so I can go out and pinch what I need. Lisa What do you do with the over abunce [...]