Food Craze- Edible Flowers

Good Morning !  Thursday

Today let’s Chat about Edible  flower s – yes those flowers in your yard. Have you tried it?  Most are in salads or decorations but are safe to eat. . This is one of the newest food craze – but be careful what you Eat. Lots of markets  already sell them cleaned and packed for consumption but  if you want to eat your own be careful .Take a look at these articles before eating. Lisa

Here’s some Links From the Garden Channel

What’s Cooking America      Edible Flower Chart


Here  my arden list –


Roses- used in jams, jelly all types are edible.


Dandelions –  blooms can be used raw or stewed. Green stems in salad .


Daylilies – petals used in salads.




Gladiolus – (antlers removed) – can be used in salads.


And lets not forget  those – johnny jump ups,pansy,violas,carnations and impatiens. Lisa

  • Please make sure they are cleaned and not sprayed by pesticide free. Please don’t take any chance – know what you are eating. The link are filled with great information.

Ready to Try it –  Cooking With Flowers

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