Gifts to make &and Share

Happy  Friday !

As many know I’am  a crafter -Not only do I love papercrafts but  I enjoy exploring other crafts . So today I’am sharing some of my fun DIY crafts I make.


I love experimenting with Soap making – using Soap base and mixing herbs and fragrances. I made a batch for Christmas gifts with rave reviews.

This batch – mixed with honey, lemon and fresh rosemary using goat milk base melted in microwave and poured into molds to set.


Lip Gloss –  Love the stuff.  This is an easy mix of coconut oil and beeswax . Flavoring ? You can use koolaid for color and taste.  These small mesh bags can be bought or made .

You can also use- dried berries, natural essential oils  and sugar free drink mix for color and fragrance.  There’s lots of fun easy recipes out on the web.  Lisa

  • You can also use beeswax / coconut oil and your favorite fragrance poured in small molds to make wax melts.  ( I bought from dollar store small plastic ice cube trays)

I would start with a kit to try to see if you enjoy it before investing a lot of money. Lisa


It’s No surprise I’am a Reader from a family of Book Lovers – Bookmarks are a fun an easy craft – these supplies can be found in any craft store or big box store. These book charms ( Hobby Lobby ) are so wonderful.

  • Teacher gift – that’s around the corner for us -these are easy to make and very inexpensive to make. Lisa




Wine Charms – You can buy the loops or make them yourself with wire. Make each a little diffrent for the gift recipient by changing colors or charms .  I usually make a set of 4/6 of them all diffrent from each other by changing out the charms.  Lisa

  • House warming gift – Bridal  shower gift or doing a wine tasting party.



3 thoughts on “Gifts to make &and Share

  1. I really fancy giving the soap making a go. The scent mix you have here sounds really nice. I hadn’t considered a kit but it makes good sense to try it out at a small cost. Thanks!


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