Chow Fun

Rice noodles and lean meat. Soak noodles in hot water/ 30 minutes.  Marinated meat that's cut on bias in light soy sauce,seasoning ,olive oil,corn starch and sesame oil. Wok -meat,onions and garlic until tender.Remove meat. Clean wok and stir fry noodles add vegetables add back meat and add dark soy sauce and oyster sauce.

Review – Takedown by Lea Hart

  Takedown (Fight Factory Book 1) Book Link @ Amazon Bad boy Matt is ready to settle down just as good girl Bree is powering up for a meaningless fling. In professional fights and in love, timing is everything… Bree Andrews is a lawyer that represents athletes in a variety of sports—including mixed martial arts. [...]

Mother’s Goose Day

Today on May 1st  is national Mother's Goose Day !  Do You have a favorite Nursery Rhyme ?  Have you read it lately ?  May 1st is Mother Goose Day. The Mother Goose Society website examines the identity of Mother Goose and discusses the origin of Mother Goose Day (1987). In addition, the website includes rhymes [...]

Review -Reaper by Geri Glenn

Title: Reaper Series: A Kings of Corruption MC Novel Author: Geri Glenn Genre: MC Romance Release Date: May 1, 2017   Anna I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life. In fact, some of them almost ruined me. But I am a good person. I want to make amends. I want to fix things with [...]

Hello ! May

Hello ! May The fifth month of the year - May is named after the Greek goddess Maia / and the Roman goddess  Bona Dea goddess of fertility and Spring. Pеорlе whо аrе bоrn in May are more lіkеlу tо асhіеvе hіghеr success and mоrе lоvе in their lіfе. Evеn though іt’ѕ mostly a relative [...]