Book Trends for 2017

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Tuesday Morning – Book Club in Session !

Today I thought I would talk about what i see going on in the book industry and some Hot Trends for 2017 !

Top Trends-

E Books

Indie or self- published books

Length of Books ( more pages please)

Kindle Unlimited ( Yes – i belong and will continue)

Social Media ( As a blogger we know all about getting the word out ) If you are a new author or an indie author its a great way to get your book out to the public.

Indie Author News news link



What are the top categories  – Looking at Amazon last 30 day list the top is-

In  Romance

Contemporary , Collections (Bundles),  Romantic Comedy and so many more.

Hero’s – Wealthy, Alpha Males , BBW ( Big Beautiful Women)

Top Themes – Second Chance, Love Triangle , Wedding

Amazon Top sellers –list


More Hot Trends ! 

Fair Tale remakes ( an up swing in books taken from fairy tales ) Beauty & the Best is a popular one since the movie.

Forbidden Love- Went from Older man to younger girl( which is still popular) – Stepbrother  to Step dad or Dad best friend.

Bad Guy – which we all love to hate or do we. He just might the newest love interest

Mob Guy – started with the Italian Mafia  but now – it;s Russian or Irish mob bosses. .

MC Clubs- ( I converted to this one ) its all about the hot alpha guys on bikes.

Aliens – they do want Earth girls . Beam me up Scotty!

Sports – Soccer, Football and Baseball ( Now that Baseball is starting up you will see a big up swing in Baseball books).

The list can go on  Paranormal, Cops, Fireman , Cowboys Historical>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> there’s something for everyone. Lisa ,


So what are you reading now? Anything new caught your attention? A new release you are waiting for? Comment and let me know.


1 comments on “Book Trends for 2017”

  1. I’m always looking for the alien romance personally, but I’ve been delving into some dragon shifter romance and romantic suspense. I see a ton of bear shifter romances out now. I even tried a few out despite my bear-phobia. 😆
    I never even thought about the Beauty and the Beast movie inspiring new books, but that’s never a bad thing since I love that story!


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