Book Trends for 2017

Tuesday Morning – Book Club in Session !

Today I thought I would talk about what i see going on in the book industry and some Hot Trends for 2017 !

Top Trends-

E Books

Indie or self- published books

Length of Books ( more pages please)

Kindle Unlimited ( Yes – i belong and will continue)

Social Media ( As a blogger we know all about getting the word out ) If you are a new author or an indie author its a great way to get your book out to the public.

Indie Author News news link



What are the top categories  – Looking at Amazon last 30 day list the top is-

In  Romance

Contemporary , Collections (Bundles),  Romantic Comedy and so many more.

Hero’s – Wealthy, Alpha Males , BBW ( Big Beautiful Women)

Top Themes – Second Chance, Love Triangle , Wedding

Amazon Top sellers –list


More Hot Trends ! 

Fair Tale remakes ( an up swing in books taken from fairy tales ) Beauty & the Best is a popular one since the movie.

Forbidden Love- Went from Older man to younger girl( which is still popular) – Stepbrother  to Step dad or Dad best friend.

Bad Guy – which we all love to hate or do we. He just might the newest love interest

Mob Guy – started with the Italian Mafia  but now – it;s Russian or Irish mob bosses. .

MC Clubs- ( I converted to this one ) its all about the hot alpha guys on bikes.

Aliens – they do want Earth girls . Beam me up Scotty!

Sports – Soccer, Football and Baseball ( Now that Baseball is starting up you will see a big up swing in Baseball books).

The list can go on  Paranormal, Cops, Fireman , Cowboys Historical>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> there’s something for everyone. Lisa ,


So what are you reading now? Anything new caught your attention? A new release you are waiting for? Comment and let me know.


One thought on “Book Trends for 2017

  1. I’m always looking for the alien romance personally, but I’ve been delving into some dragon shifter romance and romantic suspense. I see a ton of bear shifter romances out now. I even tried a few out despite my bear-phobia. 😆
    I never even thought about the Beauty and the Beast movie inspiring new books, but that’s never a bad thing since I love that story!


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