Wednesday Unplugged

Happy Wednesday !   We are expecting heavy rains today so I’am not sure about how long we will have power. It’s just one of the added perks of living in the country.

What will I do without –  Power ! 




Experience Life     With Some great Un plugging stats and suggestions.

What will this family Do? Forced to be Unplugged from computer, Tv and gaming systems. And if our Phones need charging – Oh No !


As I write this I realize how much I live connected –


My son goes to school that way (   On-line Public School LAVCA/K12) hes 11th grade and has done it for 5 years. Yesterday he spent the day taking his state test -Now on computer.

My family spend free time – on our phone, TV, computer or e books.  ( a great way to stay connected -with social media and my blog. )

My doctor carries a computer instead of a pad .( and sends prescription electronically )

Our library lends out e-books. ( Great for me – we have no local library but I do miss the feel of real books )

The times they are changing but Today we may be forced to unplug and Enjoy Life.



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