Blogger Recognition Award

I have been nominated by  Not So Clever People – for this award. 



  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you
  2. Write a post to show your award
  3. Give a brief summary of how your blog started and give 2 pieces of blogging advice
  4. Nominate up to 15 bloggers for this award

Copied from  – Not So Clever People 


Thank s for this great honor. And Please Go over and visit – Not So Clever People Blog – Not So Clever People blog

They have wonderful blog filled with wonderful cards and projects. . . It’s all ways an inspiring read on this  blog. Lisa

My blog story is like many others -I’am a Mom who enjoys many things- books,crafts,food and family. I had a book blog for many years and after a move home to Louisiana –  I started a new site where I could share what was happening in my life. My blog has changed  as my life  has changed.

These days I have been making some  new updates – I  have split up my book blog and food blog from my main page. And now my main blog – features On line schooling ,family events ,and crafts. Hopefully this will make it easier to read and  more enjoyable. 

My advice – 1) – change is good. It’s your blog do what you want. (2) Have fun- dont get bogged down in numbers  ,followers or comments. Write from the heart – always.   Lisa 


My Nomination’s

Cheryl at Books Addict live Book Addict Live

Isn’t She Crafty

Patricia Tea and Tales

Blue Ribbon Fair  Blue Ribbon fair

Geybie’s Book Blog  Geybies Book Blog

Moonshine’s Corner Moonshines Corner Book blog

My Creative Hideout  mycreativehideout

Books ,Books and More Books pirate patty

Jane Jane Crafts when she should be working

Kool aid Moms Whats for dinner moms


And many More- Everyone who takes time to write a blog deserves this Award.  Lisa 




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