Crock Pot * Meat Loaf

Thursday Food Find - Crock pot Meat loaf As a Mom and an on line home schooling mom -Time is a big factor. And my Crock Pot is an essential tool in my life. This is my  3rd crock pot and has some fancy buttons but being able to fix a meal and forget it [...]

Crayons * My Craft Table

Today ! On my Craft Table it's all about Crayons. Every year at Back to School time I buy new crayons ( I love the smell) - But what to do with the old or broken Crayons ? Make something New -  Lisa My Box of Crayons!   Melted Crayon Wreath- Parchment Paper Shave Crayons [...]

Tuesday * Library Time

Happy Tuesday -the last Tuesday of the month of August. Today I'am chatting about the  Library -  History : Library, traditionally, collection of books used for reading or study, or the building or room in which such a collection is kept. The word derives from the Latin liber, “book,” whereas a Latinized Greek word, bibliotheca, [...]

School Open ??

Monday Morning and Harvey's rain is here.But school is On.   Because we are on line our school is still up and running -even without Power you can make adjustments to your schedule and have school. Like  a traditional home school without the computers. When warning start with the storm its time to start preparing [...]

Rainy Sunday

Take Care and Be Safe-    Have a Great Sunday ! Plenty of Rain from Harvey but everyone is  fine. So we are staying in and watching movies ,eating and making crafts. A perfect lazy Sunday. Lisa    Next  Weeks  Plans-   Last week of August as we go from  Back to School to September's Harvest [...]

National Dog Day *

    This is Charlie our  7 year old  Beadle - Just Chilling Today !  Sending out Hugs to all the pets today !!   Lisa NATIONAL DOG DAY National Dog Day is observed annually on August 26th. This day encourages dog ownership of all breeds, mixed and pure, and embraces the opportunity for all [...]

Saturday * Forecast

Good Morning ! This Saturday its hot and Sunny but everyone is running around getting ready for Hurricane - Harvey. Looks like we will be fine -only lots of rain from the storm. Hope your Saturday is fun and Sunny - Stay Safe.   Lisa