What’s for Lunch ?

Today !   My Food Find is  School Lunch – yes even though I school at home ( on line) we all have to eat. I try to have some quick healthy snack in the fridge & lunch ready.  We dont have a set Lunch time my son likes to eat around his school schedule for the day. It’s all about Planning Ahead –  Lisa 

Whats for Lunch

Some Great Idea for Healthy Lunch  Idea’s-

You can make ahead and place in individual plastic containers so they are ready to go- My son’s a big Bento  Box fan -so I use [plastic containers with dividers to place his Lunch in.  Lisa

What Do I Place in the Containers? 

Small squares of cheese,meat fruit ,trail mix ( Snack time)

Also always Available in the Fridge –  

Assortment of Sandwich meats & Cheese  & Breads

  • We love fresh bread – I try making and buying new types. And using for recipes.

Also Try to Plan My Weekly Family Cooking so I have leftover to make – 


Pork ( BBQ,sliced meat ,wraps)

Whole Chicken ( Wraps, Sandwiches ,Salad & Tacos)

Ground Meet ( Chili , Burgers ,Taco Burritos )

I found this on Pint rest – I use to plan and shop for weekly menu. Lisa 



Check Out My School Board for idea School Links





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