Craft Time @ My Table

My Craft Table Today !  Marbling

If you have been out shopping and running errands dont forget your local Dollar Store.

Its a great place for Bargains on craft supplies -,  I like to shop the after holiday sales for items but I also find some great everyday items to use in crafting. 

  • Paper/ Pencils
  • Journals/ Notebooks
  • Flowers /wire
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • wasabi tape and markers
  • Silicon items I can use in Soap making.
  • Metal/ Glass containers for candles

The other days while doing some shopping I came across this Kit. ($1)



I had to give it a try. Following package direction- I filled a tin baking pan 1/2 with water -swirl my paint in and place my items to be marbleized. Wait a few minutes -pull them up and let dry. You can also do fabric – but make sure the fabric will take dye .   And it takes more dye and soaking time for fabric.   Now  I just need to make something with these but that;s another Post .     Lisa


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