Tuesday * My Happy Day !

It’s Tuesday ! My Happy day-

Tuesday’s are changing a little – Today’s Post is my Book Blog and my love for Books.

If you follow my site you know One of the things I love is books -all kinds. And when I started Lisa * Everyday Life – I had a book page and featured lots of books. But I found as this site evolved (my word of the day) -it had clogged up the stream with promos, book tours and features. At that point I opened my Book Blog-featuring Review,Promos and Book Tours. So go over and Check it Out!

Friday’s Book Club It’s After 5 Somewhere * Book Club post featuring a drink,food and a book feature,

Lisa Book Blog @ LEL



Now – I find my self and others missing some of my book post  from here.  Today starts my new book and social post. I promise No book tours or Promo’s here. Just honest Reviews and Books that I think you might like. With the Holidays coming up Books are a great gift – and I will be featuring books for all taste and ages.

Today’s Book is a great Contemporary Romance book.  I am sure you will enjoy.


And Why Tuesday it’s Release Day for New Books !!

There is no standard, although Tuesday is fairly common since they are also tracked by Nielson. They are often on shelves before their official release date, unless there is a large advertising campaign that indicates a specific date. Friday is also a very popular day to release books.

  • PS – Yes! I am shopping today -but don’t tell.  Lisa





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