Let Rock Today * My Craft Table

Today’s Craft Table Fun-  Rocks and No Not the Pet Rock Kind!

I have been reading and see lots of articles about Rocks and crafts – I thought I can do that -so outside I went to a Rock pile.

But What kind?

  • Size and shape based on projects –
  • Needed that on top if I wanted to paint or stamp on
  • Flat on bottom if I needed to use as a stand
  • Not to big -so it was out of place.

So I picked them out. Gave them a good scrub -let Dry overnight.

Painted a base coat -let Dry.

Now What to Make?


Rock 1 – Directions

  1. I decided to make an owl ( they are cool /wise)
  2. I decided to use fine tip markers to make my design and then paint.

Modge Podge to set – Let Dry.


Next 2 Rocks with smooth bottoms –

Wrapper wire ( flower wire from Dollar Tree) – and made picture and place card holders. I can see these as table decorations for parties and picnics.

  1. Measure off a piece of wire for the photo holder. Wrap around a circle shape (i used a marker a couple of times )
  2. than the rest of the wire farm the neck ( depending on use adjust height}
  3. wraps around the rock base.



Try this out with you kids -I am sure you can come up with some great inexpensive idea for your garden or Table. These Rocks are No Pet Rocks.   Lisa



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