National Pancake Day !

Happy National Pancake Day !  Let’s Celebrate – my family eats them at any time of the day.  Read and Enjoy!    Lisa





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Abby is thankful that things have gone back to normal for Red Pine Falls. Her Grandmother is getting married, Becky is remodeling her café, and Gabe has gone from good friend to something much more interesting. What could go wrong? Just because Frank Millerson left town like a bat out of hell probably doesn’t mean anything.

Or does it?

When dangerous men come to town asking questions about Frank and where they can find him, Abby begins to get an inkling that normal for Red Pine Falls is anything but quiet. It just gets worse when bodies start appearing. Can Abby lead her friends through these dark times or will it all end in violence? And what does Senator Clark have to do with it all? Find out by reading Dark Secrets and Dead Reckoning. Book Three in the Red Pine Falls Cozy Mystery series.


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