Halloween Party Day !

It’s Friday ! And Day #5 for my Countdown to Halloween. Today- Part Time @ Lisa * Everyday Life.




One of my favorite memories of Halloween is when my son was young and the great fun we had at elementary school parties.  It was a day of dress up – parades and class room fun. Join me today as I flash back to those days with Pictures and crafts for any holiday party.


These are great crafts you can make on a budget  –




Mr. Bat – is a painted toilet paper roll -construction paper & glitter. Change the colors can be an Indian or an Angel for Christmas.




Wooden Clothes pins (Dollar Store)  & shapes cut out from foam pieces. You can find inexpensive foam stickers and do the same.





My Homemade Play do Pumpkin

You may already have a favorite recipe but this is an easy one.

Mix   1 Cup Flour, 1/4 Cup Salt and 1/2 C of water. Add food color & Knead. You want it to smell like pumpkins  mix in some pumpkin spice into the mixture.  Lisa