Sunday Morning Coffee




Did you set your clock back last night? Well someone forgot to tell my four legged family members. They were up an expecting there Morning food .

Nothing like Luna ( Siamese) standing on your stomach calling for Mom to wake up. And feed her. And yes If you have a Siamese cat you know they can be very loud & talkative.A bit much before my Morning Coffee.

So Mom on duty & everyone got feed & Charlie had his morning walk an hour early.But that also means Mom got her Morning Coffee & writing done early while the rest of the family slept in.

Today’s Plan- I have some cooking to do- then hopefully some craft time for Mom. And I know I have some book needing to be Read ( Oh -what a core). Just another day in my life in south Louisiana.

* Monday -Post all about Time.




 It’s Day #5 and it goes out to my Morning beverage – Coffee. Community Coffee is a local coffee brand & a family favorite. My Mom use to ship it to me when we lived out of state. But now you can buy it on line.

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