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Monday’s Bell Ringer- Is your favorite on the List from Good Reads?

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Since 1989, National Young Readers Week has been an annual event held during the second week of November to raise awareness around the importance of reading. The event was co-founded by Pizza Hut and the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress. We are continuing our tradition of challenging principals across the country to become shining examples for literacy by choosing one day to read their heart out all day long, from first bell to the last during National Young Readers Week. Principals have risen to the challenge over the last several years reading everywhere from hallways, playgrounds and rooftops on their chosen school day. Choose your day. Choose your reading location.Book It Program

* And Yes if you are a home school er you can sign up.  Lisa



Here’s a great list of things from Scholastic – Lesson Plans

During National Young Readers Week, I encourage all parents to take time to read aloud even more than you normally do with your family and young readers. Talk about the words in the book that are interesting or difficult. Perhaps you can write those words where the family can see the word as a reminder to use it in conversations. With young learners (ages 3-5), you can practice playing rhyming games, counting the number of sounds in words, or naming the first sound in a word. These are simple ways to make big strides in your young reader’s learning

How to Celebrate :

Volunteer to read to others.

Take a trip to the Library

Book Crafts -bookmarks & more

Dress uo as a book character & have an oral read along

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**Let’s Thank ‘s all our Librarians & Teachers that share there love of Books.  Lisa  #13dayofthanks.    Lisa


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