Tuesday Review* How the Finch Stole Christmas


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The Newest book in the : Bird Lover’s Mystery Series


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and the only things on Birds & Bees owner Amy Simms’s wish list are peace, quiet, and birding beside her beau.  But in small town Ruby Lake, ‘tis the season to solve murders . . .

Before Amy can get into the holiday spirit, she meets Franklin Finch—the cocky new owner of Christmas House Village, one of the most beloved attractions in town. Locals have been squawking over his decision to sack veteran staff members for cheaper help. And when Finch blows off a business deal with Amy, it confirms that he’s the biggest scrooge around. Still, she’s stunned the night his dead body is found swinging in the attic of a festive Victorian . . .

Clashing against Chief Kennedy once again, Amy sets off to prove that Finch was murdered. But while her investigation quickly reveals a gaggle of disgruntled ex-Christmas House Village employees and unusual clues, Amy must move with caution as she focuses in on the seedy killer . . .

Tuesday Book Thoughts-   A Bird’s Lover Mystery & it’s Christmas time at Bird’d & Bees but not all things are happy- there;s murder & secrets  abound in this small town. As an outsider buys the Christmas House Village & found murdered. Is the murder a disgruntle employees are is it more in the delightful holiday Mystery. Full of small town drama ,great characters and holiday charm.  Lisa

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