Sunday Morning Bliss


Sunday Morning Bliss in my Life- is walking Charlie( Beagle0 feeding the Cats,letting my family sleep in as I write my morning post. This Sunday I am planning the Weeks Thanksgiving post ,Menu for Thanksgiving & Checking Out Black Friday Ads ( My shopping is done online /too many years in retail).

This week you will see a  combination of post from –  Thanksgiving history, Food & Recipes -to table crafts & gifts to Great books to read while the Turkey or Ham Roasting . We all need a break doing this busy season. And give Thanks to what makes this Country Great.

Now I am off to plan a great week – see you soon!

Favorite Thanksgiving Recipe or Remembrance?

One of mine was as a child -after the table was cleared all the Adults would set around and play cards at the kitchen table. As the games played the drinks flowed,language got spicy and smoke filled the room- and some money exchanged hands all in family fun.

Bourré (also commonly known as Bouré and Boo-Ray) is a trick-taking gambling card game primarily played in the Acadiana region of Louisiana in the United States of America. The game’s closest relatives are probably Spades and Euchre; like many regional games, Bourré sports a large number of variant rules for both gameplay and betting considerations.(Wikipedia)

3 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Bliss

  1. All of my family events growing up involved playing cards around the front room table st my grandparents. I went to school counting fifteen two, fifteen four and a pair is six and really thought it went nine, ten, jack, queen, king.🤣


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