National Craft Jerky Day

Cyber Monday is here !  Let’s get clicking on all the specials out there.Lisa

But – While doing that you can make a batch of jerky in your dehydrator. Since it’s National Craft Jerky Day.

Tom’s Chinese Beef Jerky

  • Beef bottom round /partially frozen & cut in thin slices.
  • Marinated – Chinese cook wine,Soy sauce ,Cajun seasoning . Overnight
  • Fill trays – And dry 4-6 hours, Please follow dehydrators direction .



Craft jerky is the standard by which all other jerky is measured. National Craft Jerky Day on November 27 awakens the taste buds and ignites the opinions of jerky fans the world over by focusing on artisanal creators of this dehydrated, seasoned meat and snack extraordinaire.


In a world sedated by jerky marketing gimmicks and mass produced “jerky,” there remains those who satiate the world’s salivating tongues with original carnivorous concoctions. National Craft Jerky Day honors those who blaze their own path in the meat market.

For many, jerky is a tradition, the meat regaling a story of family, dedication, love, and, simply put, hunger. Flavors created from recipes passed down through generations, from hunters, farmers, families and old friends, all dashing spices and burning a slew of woods to unshackle the natural flavors locked in the dried meat. Quality meat and small batch production beget creative and unique, original recipes often influenced by regional fare and flair. For the casual jerky fan, the magnitude of flavor you experience today will leave an indelible impression on your taste buds and will alter your jerky preferences forever. For all those artisans
passionate enough to take their traditions beyond family and friends, National Craft Jerky Day honors you and your dedication to the craft.






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