Sunday Morning Coffee*

Sunday Morning and having my Coffee! Charlie & i had our walk in the rain it looks like a day to stay inside and get some crafting done. But first I have to get my Lunch on. The guys cooked the meat on the grill last night – So just the sides. Mash potatoes and vegetables bought from the Farmer’s Market. 


Today’s  Vegetable – Mustard Greens

  • First make sure they are cleaned .And dirt free
  • Tear them into large pieces.
  • So here’s where everyone differs on how you like your greens.
  • I take a large pot and fry some bacon in the pot. Add Seasoning Mix and cook until Tender. Add chopped garlic and cook another minute.
  • Add about 2 Cups of chicken  broth and Add greens . And they will wilt down quickly.
  • I usually cook it about an hour. ( You can stop there and eat it or continue to next step)
  • I usually drain the greens and place them in a Black Skillet with Seasoning and meat and smother down until extra tender.

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