Crafting Year End Sales

Wed 12/27  Another rainy day in Louisiana. But the dog needs to be walked & chores need to be done. I think Chicken & dumplings is on the menu .( Recipe post will Follow) I hope everyone had a great day yesterday & Happy belated  Boxing Day !!! While living in Michigan for many years we [...]

Smashwords End of Year Sale

Need a Bargain on Books

Lisa Everyday Reads


Mark your calendar!

Starting December 25 and running through January 1, over 30,000 ebooks at Smashwords will offer deep discounts of 25%-off, 50%-off, 75%-off and 100%-off (free!).

These special prices will be exclusive to Smashwords for eight days only.

This will be our first annual Smashwords End of Year Sale, following in the tradition of our other big sales such as Read an Ebook Week in March, and our Summer/Winter Sale in July.

When you purchase an ebook from Smashwords, you’re directly supporting an indie author or a small independent press. Smashwords works with over 130,000 indie authors and small independent presses from around the globe. We pay our authors and publishers the highest royalty rates anywhere (up to 80% list), which means more of your hard-earned dollar goes directly to support the creator of these books.


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Leaving Cookies for Santa ?

Do you leave Cookies for Santa? What kind do you leave?  Check out my Cookie Exchange post for some great idea;s that Santa will love-  Lisa    Today in the United States, leaving out a plate of cookies (Oreos and classic chocolate chip are popular choices) and a glass of milk for Santa Claus on [...]

Christmas Eve Traditions

Happy Christmas Eve!   Do you have any plans for today? Or family Traditions?  My Mom said she and my Aunts used to always wait till today to do some shopping and the go out to a fancy lunch. Lots of families in South Louisiana go to Midnight Mass at the Catholic church and open presents after. My [...]