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Driving School Time – Look Out!

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This January on our To Do list : is learning to drive. Either in a classroom ( with test) or out on the roads during actually driving. So Keep a look out for student drivers on the road. Awesome job everyone Lisa

We have places to go but first you have to learn to drive. Lisa

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End of January * Today’s post

Today is the last day of January. It's flown bye so quickly the New Year can in with rain & snow in South Louisiana so I am sure we are heading to a warmer summer. Hopefully February will be more normal because as my home page stated we are busy at my house. Mardi Gras … Continue reading End of January * Today’s post

Tuesday Library Book * Guide Book to Murder

While at the Library you can check out books in print & e books. If like me and on a book budget the Library is a great bargain. If it's a new book you may have to wait a while but they will email you when it's in. You can also request books not at your … Continue reading Tuesday Library Book * Guide Book to Murder

Lisa @ Home on Tuesday

Another Cold & Sunny Tuesday in South Louisiana but the birds are out so maybe warmer weather is coming. Today's Plan for Home : School is in session at Home - My son is reading The Hounds of Baskervilles for British Lit. Interested in reading this classic Free book . From the - Project Gutenberg's … Continue reading Lisa @ Home on Tuesday

Being a Dog * Following the dog into a World of Smell

I am a dog owner - Charlie our family Beagle is about 8 years old and every morning we go for a walk before writing my post. So today as I celebrates smells this ones is for You: Charlie      What makes a beagle's sense of smell so good? Humans have an estimated five million scent receptors (cells used for smelling) concentrated … Continue reading Being a Dog * Following the dog into a World of Smell

Childhood Smells & Memories

It's a Sunny  Monday morning in Louisiana so grab a cup of coffee and read on- Sunday we spent yesterday at the local Wally World - and the Bin of candle wax scents caught my eye. While digging through the bin & sniffing I realized what an important part of smell is t us. Not only if  … Continue reading Childhood Smells & Memories