Thursday* Pork Roast & Cabbage


Thursday is another cold one in Louisiana. But we are traveling today while on Winter Break from school. My son has another college to check out in a neighboring state about 4 hours away. Check out my pictures later today on Instagram. 

But before that a little look at New Year lunch – Pork Roast & Gravy with rice, cabbage & black eye peas. 





Pork roast was injected with creole seasoning the night before and let sit in refrigerator. Taken out & let come to room temperature. Seared on hot heat on the grill & placed in a pan with sliced onions & bear -Covered and cooked until done ( 145 degrees) . I made gravy from the drippings -thickened with roux and cornstarch and let cook down & thicken. 



Smothered Cabbage 

Mom cooks her in a large skillet -that she fries bacon in -in that she add a few chopped onions &  cleaned cabbage leaves and let cook down.Add a little broth and butter as it cooks. Takes about 30 minutes & enjoy with Cornbread. 

He will miss his Mom’s cooking next year when hes away at college – Lisa 

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