The Spinster’s Society * Book #1

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Lady Lorena Cullip is the definition in Mr. Samuel Johnson’s English Dictionary for the word: curious. 

One might also find her name under
1- scandalous
2- disastrous,
3- slightly mad. 
But the latest rumors about the lady have all of London holding their breaths.

She’s begun a Spinster’s Society. 

Who’d have ever thought the daughter of a duke could have so much fun? 
In Lorena’s opinion, no one is more attractive than Emmett Starr, the Earl of Ashwick.
She’s been in love with him for years but mishaps always occur whenever they are in the vicinity of one another for too long.

Like that small incident when she burned his London townhouse to the ground… 

But that doesn’t stop the earl from wanting her now more than ever, and he intends to have her.

If one looked up Ashwick in Mr. Johnson’s dictionary, they’d find:
and … after Lorena gives her body and soul over to the temptation of all that is him… addictive.

Suddenly, being a spinster doesn’t hold any of its previous appeal.
In fact, Lorena barely remember her name, much less what her society is actually called. 

But what will a life with the earl mean for the future of her new club?
Perhaps, it’s time for Mr. Johnson to give ‘spinster’ a new meaning…

Page Count: around 330 pages

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