Scrapbook Organization

Happy Wednesday !  At Home today and thinking ahead- 

And looking at the Ca lender its already Jan 24th, How have your new year been ? I am working on one of my Goals for 2018 – To try & plan better – organize my life. One of my major battles is my crafts room. I downloaded this book to get me started on my path. Has some great idea to get started with.

Is your scrap space- Net & Tidy  and you clean up after you finished ? Or Do you leave it -and go back to finish you project & clean up later? 

So what kind of scrapper are you? 

Do you have a room or Table? Do you scrap alone?

What tool or supplies are always in a mes  ?

What kind of storage system to you use ? any thrifty solution? 

What do you do with supplies you no longer need? 


I am all over the place – I have a room but actually like to use the dining room table. My stamps & accessories are always a mess because I use them most. I buy lots storage baskets from the Dollar Store -and old racks in my room. And I donate my unwanted supplies -kids love all the paper & stickers. I also joined a Stash bashing group to use up some of my old supplies.   Lisa 





book link


Is clutter getting in the way of your scrapbooking? Are you frustrated with too much scrapbooking stuff?

Learn how to stay organized, for good, with scrapbooking productivity expert Jennifer S. Wilson. As editor of Simple Scrapper, Jennifer has educated thousands of busy scrapbookers on stress-free approaches for documenting your personal memories.

This book offers twenty-nine approaches to help you keep calm and get organized. The lessons have been designed to guide you to successfully implement new organizational techniques and systems for your scrapbooking and your life.

What this is not is a book of glossy photos of perfect scrapbooking spaces. This book will share the very best good-enough approaches for real scrapbookers (digital and traditional) and their real lives.

The ideas presented vary in technique, to help you test new options and figure out what works best in your lifestyle. These solutions will assist you in cultivating simplicity in your life and your memory keeping practice. It is through choosing practical over perfect and easier over better that you can get and stay organized for the long term.

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