If Bread Could Rise to the Occasion

It's  Bread Day on my Food Blog - so I thought i would share this. When using my bread maker it usually rises but if I forget something - Well??  Maybe I need to take a class !   enjoy Lisa     book link At Gram’s Country Cooking School, Isabelle “Betts” Winston and her … Continue reading If Bread Could Rise to the Occasion

End of February*

Today is the last day of a Busy March :   Thank You for being part of my family ! You are always Welcome at my table. Lisa Make sure you  download our Newsletter February newsletter It's filled with great recipes & coming events - So enjoy!!! Friday  is Read Across America - join Me … Continue reading End of February*

Death By Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake

Library Pick Today #1 - is one of my favorite deserts . So go check it out and dive into some goodness . Yum  Lisa  book link Life just got a little sweeter in the island fishing village of Eastport, Maine. Jacobia "Jake" Tiptree and her best friend Ellie are opening a waterfront bake shop, … Continue reading Death By Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake

Tuesday Morning * School time

Tuesday morning & it's time for school. As most followers know my son attends an online public school chartered by our state. We are finishing our 6th year & he will be graduating this year and on to college. This Saturday he was a member of the Schools high school rally team  at our local … Continue reading Tuesday Morning * School time

You Are Needed * Blog Events

You are invited to join to special Events : I'm looking for Mystery authors & bloggers for my Friday Event. Save you spot Now. My comment or message me. Lisa Sign Up for Lisa May Discovery Blog Tour - blog hop among sites with prizes & fun, Open to all types of blogs - lets … Continue reading You Are Needed * Blog Events

It’s All About Me * Monday

Hi ! Welcome to all about Me : Monday You might not realize that I run 4 Blogs : So let me explain- Lisa Everyday Life - was the original. My everyday boring life in Louisiana. Revolves around Family. The food I cook , the school we chose and local events & hobbies.( family friendly) … Continue reading It’s All About Me * Monday

Big Book of Weekend Beading :

Beading Book

Lisa's Creative Life

indexbook link

Discover the amazing versatility of beadwork in this scintillating selection of more than 30 projects that you can make in just one weekend. From jewelry and clothing to home accessories and embroidered textiles, there’s something here for every taste and level of ability. Projects include lampshades, decorative candles, fringed throws, embroidered table runners, tassel covers, embellished scarves, hair accessories, and more. Big Book of Weekend Beading teaches an exciting variety of methods, from general beadwork to stringing, bead embroidery, and wirework. Simple projects at the start of each section give beginners an instant taste of success, leading them on to try larger-scale projects and more impressive techniques.

Inside Big Book of Weekend Beading

30 step-by-step beading projects that you can make in just a weekend.

Jewelry, clothing, home accessories, embroidered textiles―there’s something here for everyone.

Projects include lampshades, decorative candles, fringed throws, embroidered table runners, tassel covers, embellished…

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Death Is Like a Box Of Chocolates :

It's National Chocolate Covered Nuts Day !  my favorite item in a box of Chocolate - Lisa book link Whether it’s to satisfy a craving for chocolate or pick up the hottest new bestseller, the locals in charming West Riverdale, Maryland, are heading to Chocolates and Chapters, where everything sold is to die for… Best … Continue reading Death Is Like a Box Of Chocolates :