Valentine Gift * Tea Cup Candle

Valentine Gift

Lisa's Creative Life

Welcome To February ! For the days leading to Valentine’s I will be featuring easy gifts & cards for Valentines or any special occasion. First Up-


Are you a fan of garage sales, antique markets , or have a collection of old china cups you know longer use . These can be recycled into great candle gifts.

  • 1china cup & saucer
  •  1 wick
  • Soy wax chips
  • rose essential oil
  • Dried rose petals ( from my garden)

Directions to make : 

  1. Attack cup & saucer with glue.
  2. To measure how much wax you need. Pour wax chips into china  cup ( leave a few inches to spare)  & pour wax chips  into glass measuring cup ,And  melt in microwave-according to wax  directions.
  3. While melted add a few drops of oil & any additives. Stir.
  4. Attack wick to cup with a glue dot. Pour melt wax into cup & let harden.


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