Good Morning Friends *


A rainy Sunday Morning in South Louisiana. Charlie & I had to dodge puddles as we took our morning walk. Looks like it’s an all day thing.

So what’s going on here @ Home :



  • Having my morning Coffee as I work on my blog & email. Lots,lots of email.
  • Lunch is cooking away for my parents /will deliver it at lunch time.
  • Than  this afternoon – I have some crafts to do & a book on my list to read.
  • Super Bowl is today ?? I had to look up who was playing – we are not a sports fan in this house. What can I say ?

Need to bring something to a game day Party?  7 Layers Salad is a winner




Find a large glass bowl layer

  1. Bit size pieces of lettuce
  2. Chopped bell pepper /1/2 C
  3. chopped celery / 1/2 C Chopped
  4. chopped red onion  1/2 C
  5. 1 package of frozen green peas
  6. Spread 1 1/2 C Miracle whip across the top
  7. Grated Cheddar Cheese

Garnish with fried bacon bits. Sprinkled on the top .  Lisa

  • You can add tomatoes as a layer or add Boiled eggs as a layer or on top. Make it your own

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