All about Me * Monday

Another Monday & it’s all about Me !

The Question is Star Trek or Star Wars ?


I am all about Star Trek & the spin offs. I spent part of the weekend binge watching  Star Trek Voyager – wish it had a longer run. I remember the originals and was hooked from there.

The rest of my family is firmly in the Star Wars camp. They wanted to name our cats out of characters from the movies. They stud in line for the movies release – I waited at home. Each his own .

There is no real crossover between the two – just that they are both in space,  Easy way to remember the difference: Star wars is about a war. Star trek is about trekking through the galaxy to explore.

But everyone has there reason on what’s the Best : Just remember!

  • There’s more Star Trek than Star War to watch.
  • Star Trek came first


book link

How to win at poker. The power of a business’s mission statement. If you can dial a telephone, you can do anything. These are the lessons to be learned from “Star Trek.” First a hit television show, and then a pop culture phenomenon, “Star Trek” is now the basis for inspiration and guidance in our daily lives. ALL I REALLY NEED TO KNOW I LEARNED FROM WATCHING STAR TREK is an anthology of valuable lessons that can be found within the episodes of “Star Trek.” Discover why its dangerous to wear a plain red shirt, why Captain Kirk was such a superb leader, and why you should always help people in need.

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