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Friday Craft Journey Spotlight :  Air Dry Clay

This time it’s Porcelain Clay. Which I have not used before. I’m making charms for Valentine gifts.

20180209_114155.jpgDirection says 24 hours to dry. But it’s been cold & wet here so it’s taking longer to dry. I plan to paint these after drying.  And strings on ribbon & cord. I used stamps for shape & background texture also.  Lisa

  • Will post when done.

20180208_140329.jpgI bought my Clay from Craft Store but :Here’s some great links if you would like to make your own.  Lisa

No Cooking!

Cold Porcelain clay  

Cooked Clay    How to recipe

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Mardi Gras Card Challenge * 4 Crafty Chicks #389

Mardi Gras Card Challenge * 4 Crafty Chicks #389

Another great card

Lisa's Creative Life

Wow ! I found another Mardi Gras  Card Challenge @ 4 Crafty Chicks for more information.

This is a new blog to me but because of the theme -I had to join in since I’m from Louisiana. Make sure if you want more information about Mardi Gras read my other post about the  food,books & holiday fun.

My Inspiration:

If you have been to Mardi Gras you will see the flags & banners flying. This is my inspiration. Done in the colors of Mardi Gras -with lots of party glitter & Mask for the big day Feb 13th.

Why these color for Mardi Gras ?  Purple for Justice,Gold for Power & Green for Faith.

Let the Good Time Roll   !    Lisa


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Mardi Gras Challenge with Paper Craft Crew #279

Mardi Gras card

Lisa's Creative Life

Happy Friday – And Today I’m sharing my Mardi Gras Card I made for this card challenge. Hope to See You at Mardi Gras ! Look for Me in the Crowd- don’t forget to check out my Friday post as we celebrate Mardi Gras .  Lisa

PCC279Challenge Link

This card uses the Colors of Mardi Gras , the handmade decorations & stickers showcasing the iron work of New Orleans.

Why these colors : Purple -Justice . Green -Faith. Gold-Power


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Friday Author : AL Vincent

Friday Author : AL Vincent

Welcome to the Last Friday before Mardi Gras which is Tuesday ! Hope you have enjoyed our parade of books,food & Fun! Stay safe and Have fun -and as they say in Louisiana -" Let the Good Time Roll". Lisa Today feature Author is AL Vincent : A.L. Vincent is a teacher/writer who lives in [...]