Tuesday * College road trip

Hello Tuesday ! The next couple of Tuesday I will be sharing our college road trip ! Join us on our adventure _ Lisa 

Its another busy day at hour house – school & then volunteering at the Library.

Time is passing so fast – graduation plans are just around the corner & college had to be decided on . With all of the hard work he did he had many offers to choose from.  Both in state Public schools & Private college who like non traditional students. We narrowed them down by what he wanted to study (environmental science /computers) ,Size & location.

Why Size ? As he had been out of a regular classroom for 6 years we though a small college & classroom would suite him better . The top 3 we visited Up first :

College Tour Time – 

First stop about 3 hours from home ( near New Orleans )- Nicholls State University, founded in 1948, is a public university located in Thibodaux, Louisiana, United States. Nicholls is part of the University of Louisiana System of universities. College of 6,000 on the banks of Bayou Lafourche.

  • great small town atmosphere
  • affordable in state fee
  • small class size

Famous for: 


#1 Nursing school in Louisiana

Specialized study in River study – river control & management .





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