Another Monday in March *

pexels-photo-414691.jpegIt’s another Monday Morning  In South Louisiana.And where has my Sun gone. Today’s forecast – Cloudy & in the 40’s . And spring is around the corner.

In Today’s post about Me – I had someone ask about my blog so here goes-

Lisa Everyday Life :What is it?

Is my daily journal of what’s going on in my life – my way of keeping track of what’s important to Me & Mine.

Why I Blog?

Why Not ? I am  just  a small town girl claiming her piece of the World Wide Web theirs plenty of space so join me in my  blog quest. . .

But the main reason it’s for myself -It me time  & Its fun to share whats I create with a whole new set of people.

Blog Subjects ?

Blog post :  I post about everyday things  & if know one reads my rambling (that’s fine) but those that follow along : Thank You. I  touches on & family events . I also share from my other blogs great recipes & craft projects.  Always family friendly -so share with you family & friends.

Week of March 12th in my house – means  Pi Day ( not the kind you eat)  ,St Patrick Day & Birthday Weekend Celebration -join us for all my special post.


I have written 2,167 post since I started this blog last March. Thanks for coming bye & visiting.    Lisa

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