Lisa Monday Morning *

Good Morning All !

I cant believe how fast the time is going it’s already March 19th .And this week we are busy at home: Hope you had a great weekend – we had lots of rain here making it a perfect time to read a book or finish a project.

This Week :

My son is getting closer to graduating  and lots of planning is going on here. As well as my Dad Birthday is Wednesday -the perfect time to enjoy the beauty of spring for his birthday. (dad Garden picture) Also this week – It’s World Poetry Day & World Water Day .


. My Goal this week is to  tackle cleaning my craft room/spare room /cat room. It has lots of names and uses. But I find myself going back to using the dining room table so that I can be in the mist of the family & fun.  Maybe I am crazy – but It’s not used any way.   Okay Maybe Once a Year – Lisa



     So Today’s Question – Where do you craft at?

  1. Dining Room Table
  2. Craft Room
  3. Somewhere Else


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