Today’s Menu * Rice & Gravy

20180101_121255.jpgThursday on The Menu : Rice & Gravy in honor of my Dad’s Birthday !


Rice and gravy is a staple of Louisiana Creole and Cajun cuisine[1] and is usually a brown gravy based on pan drippings, which are deglazed and simmered with extra seasonings and served over steamed or boiled rice.Originally a dish favored by farmers and laborers, it is now often served in local plate lunch houses. So if you go out to eat at lunch time expect to be served a plate lunch which has a Meat & 2 sides (vegetables ) around here -the meat will have been slow cooked with gravy served over Rice. Usually Beef,Pork Or Chicken but if you are in the area during Lent on Friday’s expect some type of seafood stew.

Lets make gravy :

Okay you can make it with a packet or can or Jar but the good stuff is made homemade from dripping of what meat you are cooking .

  1. Brown the Meat
  2. Saute the Holy Trinity
  3. Cook the Meat  with a small amount of  water or stock until its very tender ( slow & Low)
  4. Remove the Meat to cool –  Leaving the gravy. At this time to thicken the gravy you can  Turn up the heat & cook down the gravy. But you may need to add  ( cornstarch/water mixture  ) to help thicken the gravy . Let it cook for a few minutes until thickens.

Pu a pot of Rice on right before you are done cooking the meat.

  • Everyone household as a recipe for gravy. It can be thick or thin. Dark or light its a family preference. If you want to darken the gravy a touch of kitchen-bouquet can help.   Let’s Eat – Lisa



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