Paqueing (Tapping) Easter Eggs

Welcome to my  Easter Egg Hunt Party!


Easter Sunday carries with it many different traditions, but in Cajun country, there’s one very different tradition that can get competitive.

“Paqueing” is an activity that has been done for years by many in Acadiana. In French, the term “Paques” translates to Easter. While that is the meaning, in the Cajun culture, it also is used to describe the activity and sound that two boiled eggs make when they hit each other.


The Game

Paqueing is done by tapping the end of boiled Easter eggs against each other until one of them breaks. You hold your Easter egg in your clenched hand as your opponent knocks his egg against yours. If your egg cracks, you lose. In rural communities, to own the chicken that laid the egg with the hardest shell was a badge of honor akin to having the fastest quarter horse or the blue ribbon pig. It’s a game that takes skill, but that anyone can enjoy.

The History behind it:

 Tapping of colorful dyed eggs against each other is a time-honored friendly competition that goes back to Europe during the Middle Ages.

Greeks call the game tsougrisma, meaning “clinking together” or “clashing.” In the Netherlands, it’s Eiertikken; Germany declares it Ostereiertitschen. It’s considered the egg fight or tuca in Croatia. And in Northern England, an egg-jarping competition.

So after you egg hunt gather you friends & family together and have fun tapping eggs. Does your family have any Easter traditions ? Leave a comment –  let me know  ! Lisa

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