Lisa May Blog Tour * Calling all readers





i am later than  usual  because we are out running errands for my parents.  Lots of driving is eating up my time.



But I wanted to let everyone know about  my – May Blog Discovery Tour  : sign up is up top or leave me a note & I will contact you. If you have never done one its fun & easy .  Here’s a little info

  1. Dates – May 1 -12th
  2. Subject / Theme  May holidays  ( may release)
  3. Blogs Wanted – all kinds ( I have 3 more books,crafts & food)
  4. On May 1st – I will have an introduction post . With a schedule,  links & short bio.
  5. On your date – you will need to have you post schedule so everyone can   visit & discover your site. Let your new followers know about your site & what you feature on your site.
  • It’s a fun way to get new visitors to your site. If like me you have lots of different interest maybe that book follower is a foodie – that foodie is a crafter , That Mom is looking for a new hobbies  to explore. Lets have fun & share! with friends ! Lisa