Monday Morning Coffee *

It’s Monday Morning & Back to School ! Just another Manic Monday  @ The Jung

Hope you had a great weekend & our outside plan got cancel . Because we  had a wet & gray weekend so looking forward to some sunshine. Time for my morning coffee :




Now coffee is a big thing in Louisiana. We all love it and drink it even as kids with lots of cream & sugar. And some of us dont out grow that(Me). Put I still make it in the traditional way my grandmother made it in her old pot. So if you come to visit expect to be served coffee.



  • Dark roast coffee ( Community Coffee)
  • Drip coffee pot

For every cup of coffee -2 T of coffee . ( in the bottom grind basket). Boil water & pour in the top water basket. The water slowly drip through the whole to the coffee grinds , Then drips down the the bottom container. Slow & tasty.

Community Coffee is a local brand with a large local following you can purchase  from there shop @ Community Coffee Shop


Now if we are visiting family in New Orleans – the coffee strong  may have chicory & served with  hot milk. And served  in tiny cups. Lisa

*Still time to join my : May Discovery Blog Tour . Sign -Up closes Friday. More information on tab at the top or drop me a note.   Lisa

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