National Scrabble Day !!!

We start out our Friday with something Fun for all ages-


Scrabble is a word game where 2 to 4 players place tiles, each having a single letter, on a board such that the tiles form words. Like a crossword puzzle, the words have to be built on a 225 square Scrabble board from top to bottom or from left to right.

How to Celebrate?
Gather around with your family and friends and play Scrabble.
Throw a Scrabble themed party. Play a game of Scrabble or two. Whoever wins takes home a thesaurus or a dictionary.
Like baking? Whip up a batch of Scrabble tile cookies to serve at your Scrabble party.
Have some extra Scrabble tiles lying around? Use them to make some Scrabble jewelry for the Scrabble lovers in your life.
Don’t have time to play a real game of Scrabble? Download one of the many Scrabble word game apps out there and play while you are out and about. Just remember not to play when driving or operating heavy and dangerous machinery or when in a meeting.


As a child we played at the dining room table and my Grandparents house every weekend. My grandfather loved crossword puzzles & playing Scrabble with his grand kids. So get your board out & play. Lisa

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