May Graduation * Closing In

Happy Tuesday Everyone !

It’s been a busy week in the Jung household as we near Graduation in May . Today I sat down and ordered Cap & Gowns and graduation announcements for my son.Yes- even though he goes to an online school they have an actual graduation ceremonies for all of the graduates & parents. It will be a nice experience to remember for all.

It will be strange to  have him away from home since hes been schooled at home for the last seven years. Hes room will be empty ? No probably not.  One of the biggest complaints I received from others about our school  of choice was would he be ready to graduate & would he be ready for college. To answer that question – he was more than ready  had great grades & ACT scores  which  got  him many acceptance offers for colleges. He did decide to stay closer to home for college so I am sure he will be home lots .Graduation is May 21 !  So look forward to lots of graduation post coming up in the future.   Lisa pexels-photo-267885.jpeg

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