Happy Saturday !!!

Today as I walk from my house to my Moms.  -I spot fences going up. As a child I walked these same paths  and never came across any fences. I use to cut across lawns to get to my Grandmothers house   , but as people died off and new people moved in they put up fences.  Cutting themselves from others in the neighborhood & town.

Do they have something to hide or is this just a way to protect themselves ? I don’t know . Seems like my small town is going through a change. All I know is now I have to walk the long way around.




Good fences make good neighbors definitionGood neighbors respect one another’s property. Good farmers, for example, maintain their fences in order to keep their livestock from wandering onto neighboring farms. This proverb appears in the poem “Mending Wall,” by Robert Frost.

Do you agree with Robert Frost ? Maybe we will meet at the fence & talk about it !  Lisa 

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